Susan Eaddy

Susan Eaddy writes picture books and plays with clay. Her illustrations are all made with plasticine or polymer clay and photographed with the help of her two marmalade cats. She has pizza boxes filled with clay critters and she’s pretty sure they come out to play at midnight.

Susan has written/and or illustrated 10 picture books and her artwork appears regularly in Babybug, Ladybug, Click and Spider Magazines. She was an Art Director for fifteen years, has served as a judge for the Audie Awards for 14 years, and has won international 3D illustration awards and a Grammy nomination.

Susan loves nothing more than school visits. Her love of travel has taken her to schools all over the world from Hong Kong, Brazil, Switzerland, Taiwan, and all over the US too! Her home base is in Nashville, TN where she plays with clay in the attic studio of her 100 year old house.