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"Terry Shay planned the school visit of my career, and in truth, one of the highlights of my life. For starters, he arranged for me to arrive on top of a fire engine with a squad of cheerleaders—a nod to my picture book Cheerful Chick. But that wasn’t all. When I arrived at school with my fabulous squad, there were golden retrievers waiting for me. Faculty were dressed as characters from one of my novel. There was an enormous sign. And every kid from the school was outside, lined up and waving. I knew from the get-go that it was going to be an extraordinary day, and it got better from there. Terry knows how long each grade level can sit for an author visit, so I did everything from say hello and read a story to engage with older students in a magical story brainstorming session using one of the techniques I apply to my own work. It was a thrill to see kids so well prepared and so enthusiastic, and all of this is due to the hard work of Mr. Shay and to the community relationships he’s built. I’m getting wistful just thinking of it."

– Martha Brockenbrough, Author


"Terry Shay brought me to his school in Traer, Iowa for a visit in 2017. Every aspect of that visit was well thought out and planned. His attention to detail, clear communication ahead of the visit, thoughtfulness in scheduling, and understanding of the needs of both authors and students made it one of the most successful and enjoyable school visits I’ve ever done. I told him then and there if he ever became a school visit rep. I’d be his first client! Now Terry brings that same warmth, expertise, and energy to helping authors and schools connect through meaningful, inspiring virtual and in-person visits. I’m thrilled to be a part of the School Visit Dot Connector family!"

– Anika Aldamuy Denise, Author